Regional Scout Plan

The Regional Scout Plan (RSP) is guided by our Mission of Scouting and reflects the European Scout Region’s active contribution in achieving the World Triennial Plan, while simultaneously setting a strategic direction for the Region as a whole. The European Scout Region and our Member Organisations play an important role as part of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and, being an integral part of a global movement, it is key to ensure meaningful alignment throughout. Keeping in mind the strategic work at World Level, this plan will help lead the work of the Region in the coming triennium.

The work is carried out by the RSP coordination team with the involvement of other regional volunteers and may involve recruitment of two analysts if needed. The RSP process is based on a simple 3-phase structure:

  1. Data gathering: The data gathering phase involves collecting existing data and engaging stakeholders and NSO/As to give their inputs.
  2. Drafting: NSOs/NSAs will be consulted as the drafting phase progresses. The initial survey/interviews along with passive data gathering input will help prioritize the core elements and opportunities in order to facilitate the alignment between world level and the region. It involves the celebration of the 8th European Scout Symposium.
  3. Release plan: To support deployment and facilitate ownership and adoption by NSO/NSA, a virtual campfire will be held to present the final release. Further material and presentation will be produced for the European Conference. As specified in the Terms of Reference for the RSP Coordination Team, the final report will be presented in mid-May 2022.


The working document for the Symposium is the 2nd draft of the Regional Scout Plan